Jbbr Creative – Social Media for Social Enterprise

Jbbr Creative is a small, versatile and highly-experienced Web, Internet, Social, Digital and Online Media Consultancy. We offer a range of services designed to help organisations make better and smarter use of the web, social media and digital technologies.

When you choose to use Jbbr Creative to enhance your digital media offerings, you do so safe in the knowledge that we have a long history of delivering innovative and successful Internet and digital media strategies, for nearly as long as the consumer Internet has been in existence. In fact, our founder was formulating and developing winning web strategies for forward-thinking clients back in the days when many organisations were still trying to understand why they would ever need something as extravagant as email.

At Jbbr Creative we choose to work predominantly with socially focussed organisations and small businesses.

Why? Simply because we recognise that it is organisations in these categories that don’t generally have the time or in-house resources required to manage digital media strategies and content generation, the end result being that those who have the potential to benefit the most from innovative use of the Internet are often the last to do so.

Jbbr Creative exists to fix that.